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Octobre 2013 Chez Olivier Newsletter


      **********     Restaurant “Chez Olivier”   newsletter  *********

 Autumn has arrived and for food connoisseur it is the mushroom, game and truffle season.

We are always looking for naturals and authentics fresh products to create our new menu.

For that reason, we would be very happy to welcome you Chez Olivier for any special event or for having a real good time.


  « Chez Olivier » will be exceptionaly open on Sunday November 3rd for lunch and dinner. 

Do not hesitate to book a table for a family lunch or dinner!


  We inform you as well that our restaurant will be open on Saturday November 23rd

(bank holiday).



On Saturday December 21st, 

Monday December 23rd, 

Tuesday December 24th and Wednesday December 25th, we propose a 10.000¥  fixed price menu for dinner (+10% service charge) 

only under reservation. 


We will propose our famous home made Osechi box “Chez Olivier” for 4 people.


In that box, you will find fine foods produced in our kitchen with Olivier’s originals recipes:

4 slices of duck foie gras ballottine flavoured with gingerbread

4 slices of braised beef tail and foie gras

4 slices of farmhouse bread

4 slices of country-style pâté

1 pork rillettes pot

Marinated Olives

Sweet bitter turnips

4 slices of ratatouille terrine


4 smoked scallop, a lentil salad

1 Parisienne style lobster 

4 slices of beef fillet and mustard sauce

2 Stuffed quails

Comté cheese


4 cannelés

4 Chocolate macaroon

4 Raspberry Cheese Cake

¥31.500 included taxes 

For more information or reservations call this number: 03 6268 9933

or send a message to this email address:



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